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Workers:   4
Pins:          0


Fire Totals

Month Fire EMS
Jan: 15 58
Feb: - 50
Mar: 11 48
Apr: 17 52
May: - 52
Jun: - 40
Jul: 3 54
Aug: 11 64
Sep: 10 39
Oct: - -
Nov: - -
Dec: - -
Total: 111 -
Engine 8

Engine 8 was delivered September 1, 2000. The engine is a six man Spartan chassis with a W.S. Darley pump and body. Engine 8 has a 750 gallon poly tank and a 1000 G.P.M. pump. The engine is equipped with 1,000 ft. of 5 inch, three 200 ft. 1/34 preconnects, and a 200 ft. 2 1/2 inch preconnect off the rear. The unit has a 6 KW PTO generator, a mini Amkus power unit with a combo tool, 21 inch power fan, one 100 ft. cord reel, two 25 ft. extension cords, two portable tripod lights, and two portable ground lights and various hand tools.  This unit is also equipped with a portable fold-a-tank and various ladders consisting of a 30 ft., 12 ft. roof, and attic ladder.  This unit is due on all structure incidents.


Rescue 8

Rescue 8 was delivered October 15, 1994. The Rescue is a Spartan chassis and a W.S. Darley body and pump. Rescue 8 carries 300 gallon of water with a 500 G.P.M. pump. The eight man cab is equipped with seven 911 seats to allow fire fighters to pack up enroute to the call. This unit is also equipped with our Amkus Rescue Tools, first aid equipment including an AED, ventilation fans, lights, generator, salvage equipment, cribbing, CO monitor, thermal imaging camera, and a large variety of hand tools.

Rescue 8 responds on all auto accidents, building fires, chimney fires, trees on the roadway and wires down.


Tanker 8

Tanker 8 is a 1986 Mack/Simmon-LTI 1500 gallon engine-tanker with a 1,000 G.P.M. pump. The tanker is equipped with a portable pump, 5 inch hard sleeve, fold-a-tank, ground ladders, pre-connects, a pre-connected Blitz Gun, and 1,000 feet of 5 inch.  The tanker provides mutual-aid to the surrounding communities to establish water supply in our rural setting.


Utility 8

Utility 8 was delivered on March 15, 2006.  Utility 8 is a 2006 Ford F550 Super Duty Quad Cab.  The chassis was purchased from Maguires Ford in Duncannon and the box was made by KME Fire Equipment.


Brush 8

Brush 8 is an old Army Surplus Jeep. The Bureau of Forestry supplied the unit to the fire company for the current use of it today.

The brush has a 275 gallon water tank with a self priming pump mounted on top and a 200 foot, 1 inch, booster reel. Various hand tools are carried, including rakes and axes. There are numerous "Indian tanks" and pressurized fire extinguishers. Also carried on the brush is a chain saw and leaf blower.

This unit responds to all brush and wild land fires.


Cooler 8

Cooler 8 is a 2008 Interstate Trailer.  Members transformed the 16 foot enclosed cargo trailer into an insulated refrigerated trailer.  A special thanks goes to Dick Groff for his efforts in obtaining the trailer. 

The new trailer replaces/works in conjunction with our original refrigerated trailer from the late 80's early 90's.  The original trailer has seen a lot of use, but not quite ready to be retired.


Cooler 8 & 8-1










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